Affordability & Credit Risk,
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Bringing affordability and credit information into the 21st century by facilitating the sharing of real-time, contextual data.

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A single API for digital lenders

The Infact API enables lenders to search, report and manage consumer credit information with a single integration. Our cloud-native platform offers a high-fidelity domain model for modern financial products.

Real-time reporting
increase the timeliness of data sharing

Real-time reporting

Make better credit decisions using an individual’s live credit balance, increasing responsible lending while safeguarding against vulnerability. Leverage innovative metrics such as trended insights and live credit balance to see reductions in debt levels faster while protection against loan stacking or unaffordable shopping sprees.

Additional granularity
adding context to credit decisions

Additional granularity

Infact offers detailed visibility into an individual’s current credit usage, indebtedness and future credit repayment commitments to build a more accurate picture of an individual’s affordability and credit risk.

Notifications & flags
enhanced technical capabilities

Notifications & flags

Receive timely event-driven notifications when an individuals credit profile changes. Improve decisioning and customer management and deliver better outcomes for your customers by utilising new positive and negative signals.


Improve lending performance

Increase responsible lending while protecting against defaults.

Promote financial

Promote financial

Build a more accurate, personalised view of an individual’s creditworthiness.


Adhere to
Consumer Duty

More easily adapt to the changing regulatory environment and assess suitability.

Built for developers

Infact cuts out the complexity of credit reporting so you can focus on optimising lending performance. All the tools you need to read, write and update credit information in real-time.

One go-to API

Open API specification
Extensive API documentation

Developer portal

Access synthetic data for millions of consumers accompanied by scenarios and walkthroughs.


Infact’s Postman collection organises API elements and offers examples in 19 languages.

Secure and reliable

ISO27001-compliant and AWS Well Architected with OAuth2 security.


Explore our suite of innovative credit information solutions designed to power the future of responsible lending. Driven by our commitment to fairness, progress, and ambition.



Increase responsible lending and optimise your application process with our frictionless, explainable affordability solution that delivers a configurable, personalised estimate on an individual’s income and expenditure.

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Credit Risk

Credit Risk

Build a more complete, accurate view of an individual’s credit risk by assessing their live credit balance combined with rich contextual credit performance data. See how an individual has built creditworthiness over time through unique insights such as credit mix over time and successfully settled historic accounts.

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Real-time data for modern credit

Join us on our mission to innovate in the UK credit information market and take the next step in exploring our next-generation solutions for consumer credit decisioning.

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