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Affordability Engine

Smarter affordability, better outcomes

Increase acceptances and lend to new customer segments with Infact’s personalised, explainable suite of Affordability Metrics.


Increase acceptances

Positive credit signal

Improve compliance

Promote financial

Maximise conversion

Introducing our
Affordability Engine

Our Affordability Engine considers a consumer’s affordability in the context of a single credit application and offers lenders an unprecedented level of granularity and explainability.

Traditional affordability products

CATO-based products offer
70% coverage at best
Offers 100% coverage of UK lendable population
Open banking sees up to 80% drop off in conversion
Frictionless with sub-second response time
Solutions offer either too much or too little detail
9 granular Affordability Metrics with accompanied confidence intervals
Limited explainability resulting in increased complaints risk
Collaborative guidance accompanied by Explainability Report

Personalised affordability

Modern financial products have evolved to offer flexibility and personalisation to consumers, so why hasn’t how we assess affordability evolved with it?

Affordability Engine (1)
Affordability at the top of the funnel

Assess eligibility earlier

With 100% coverage and no additional friction, Infact’s Affordability Engine offers a new way to assess eligibility and improve acquisition channel performance.

Our clients use Affordability Engine to:

  • Better triage marketplace applicants
  • Improve expenditure assessments
  • Increase automated decisioning
  • Reduce referrals
Affordability Metrics
Adding context to affordability

A more personalised view of affordability

Affordability Engine blends an applicants debt servicing and application data with our proprietary Affordability Model Dataset to offer a more configurable set of 9 relevant Affordability Metrics with confidence intervals.

Affordability Metrics are predictions on:

  • Disposable gross and net income
  • Non-discretionary expenditure
  • Affordable repayment probability
  • Inflated income probability
Explainable confident lending
explainability report

Explainable, confident lending

We understand the challenges lenders face handling FOS complaints and the regulatory focus on affordability. To support lenders with these, our Affordability Engine offers an application-level Explainability Report on demand for every applicant.

Affordability Engine’s higher level of explainability helps you:

  • Explain what data was used in affordability assessments, and why its relevant to that consumer
  • Prepare FOS complaint responses in a more timely manner

Affordability Engine 
by the numbers

Up to
12 %
Increase in automated decisions
Up to
19 %
Increase in acceptances
Up to
13 %
Increase in interest revenue

"Infact's Affordability Engine has improved our expenditure assessments beyond what we could achieve with ONS, which has delivered a material increase in acceptances while reducing referrals, all while keeping application friction low."

James Wilkinson
Head of Lending, Fair For You
James Wilkinson

Ways to improve acceptances

Achieve more responsible, profitable lending

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New lending

Streamline your origination process with our Affordability Engine to boost conversions and promote responsible lending to more non-prime individuals.

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Customer management

Continually monitor your customers and identify new lending opportunities in your portfolio with our seamless affordability and event-driven notifications.

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