Real-time data sharing for modern lending

Build a more complete, accurate view of an individual’s credit risk with access to rich contextual credit performance data in real-time.

Reduce bad debt

bad debt

Offering the most up to date picture of a consumers credit usage

Trended credit insights

Trended credit

Protect against vulnerability with real-time monitoring

Positive credit signal

credit signal

Taking a balanced approach to help consumers build their credit profile

The future is real-time

Approve more while reducing risk with our granular set of insights with proven predictive power derived from default data to improve your credit risk modelling.

Traditional bureau data lacks detail and is out of date

Traditional bureau data lacks detail and is out of date

In the time it takes for a lender to report, and for the bureau to process an account to traditional bureaus the outstanding amount is wrong and potentially multiple payments have been made or missed. This results in missed opportunity for lenders and poorer outcomes for consumers.

It is time for more timely credit information sharing
The Future is real-time

It is time for more timely credit information sharing

Monitor an individuals level of indebtedness, recent loan applications and trended insights allowing lenders to get a more accurate, complete view of credit risk.

Accurately represent and adjust accounts with ease
built for modern credit products

Accurately represent and adjust accounts with ease

Infact’s reporting format has been developed to accurately represent modern forms of credit such as Buy Now Pay Later, overcoming challenges such as returns and early pay backs. By doing so, ensuring consumers who use your products are fairly represented at all times.

Monitor frequency and trend of credit usage
real-time risk notifications

Monitor frequency and trend of credit usage

Rapidly spot when an individual is changing their behaviour by monitoring only available from real-time reporting. We monitor credit frequency and utilisation against trended behaviour to determine whether an individual is borrowing responsibly or is exhibiting risk indicators.

  • Integrate any data point with any rule
  • Opt for our proprietary insights or synthesize them with your own
  • Implement your customer risk scoring seamlessly

Proof of
value analysis

Assess potential performance uplift and calibrate thresholds so you can start with a more effective scorecard.

Collaborative approach
to building scorecards

We collaboratively support conversion and risk optimization through exploratory data analysis to aid your decision-making.

with us

Join us in co-innovation to enhance your lending performance with our collaborative, personable team.

Improving the entire customer lifecycle

Learn how Credit Risk can help you gain a clearer picture on a consumers creditworthiness.

use case


Streamline your origination process with Credit Risk to boost conversions and promote responsible lending to more non-prime individuals.

use case

Customer management

Continually monitor your customers and identify new lending opportunities in your portfolio with our event-driven Credit Risk notifications.

Real-time data for modern credit

Join us on our mission to innovate in the UK credit information market and take the next step in exploring our next-generation solutions for consumer credit decisioning.

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